Our Founder

Patricia Koh began her career as a primary school teacher in 1969, before attaining her specialisation in Early Childhood from the Sydney College of Advanced Education in Australia. Upon graduation in 1973, she became a kindergarten teacher and in 1976, helped to set up Tung Ling Bible School Kindergarten where she realised how critical the quality of teachers was to the success of preschool education. In 1978, Patricia joined the Pre-school Education Department at the Singapore Institute of Education and for the next 10 years, she was Lecturer and Head of Department; developing the Certificate-in-Education (Pre-Primary & Lower Primary) programmes and spearheading early childhood teacher-training programmes to improve the quality of early education in Singapore. 

In 1980, Patricia’s involvement in the 3-year Bernard Van Leer Foundation of the Hague research project on early childhood education led her to recommend significant changes to the Singapore preschool curriculum. A year later, she was awarded an IE scholarship to pursue her Master of Arts in Child Development at the University of London. 

Patricia believes a child’s development should not be measured by the number of projects or worksheets he can complete within the shortest time, his ability to spell & read flash cards quickly, his math wizardry or his capacity to think with his right brain, left brain or whole brain. Instead, education needs to be age-appropriate, progressive and developmentally sound so that he is allowed time and space to enjoy the learning process horizontally through varied experiences, rather than be vertically pushed to excel. Patricia’s desire was to touch as many young lives as possible so they may enjoy their childhood. This and her love for children led to her founding of Pat’s Schoolhouse in 1988.

Actively promoting love, tradition, family, character, friendship, camaraderie and excellence, Patricia goes the extra mile to ensure everything about Pat’s Schoolhouse comes ‘straight from the heart’. With more than 40 years of expertise in early childhood and a celebrated speaker and lecturer at training institutes and seminars locally and overseas, Patricia is warm, enlightening, inspirational and highly sought after for her insights into child development, child minding, behavioural management and family bonding.

Patricia also plays an active role in the community, and volunteers her professional advice to many organisations on matters relating to children and the family. She is married with 3 daughters and 2 grandchildren. 


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