Hear From Our Parents

Tracy Heah - Mother of Scarlett and Seth Sim – Pat’s Schoolhouse Buckley

 Four years ago we moved back to Singapore and I spent months searching for a preschool for my daughter Scarlett. My must-haves were a fun-based curriculum and an outdoor play area. I was also rather particular about language, especially English. I visited quite a few preschools but couldn't find one with the right fit. And then, on the day I felt like giving up, like kismet - I happened to spot the bright Pats Schoolhouse flags at Buckley from my apartment window. A quick meeting with Buckley's lovely principal and a stroke of luck, my little girl got offered a place.

 She graduated two years ago, and now my son Seth will be graduating in a few weeks. I am so proud of them, how they've grown and what they've achieved. My two kids are true Pats Schoolhouse kids to the core. They are confident, creative, and exuberant and speak their minds freely.  Traits I truly believe were inculcated, and nurtured with lots of heart by the wonderful teachers who cared for and taught them.

The teachers have managed to bring out the best in them, in both English and Mandarin. It is with a little sadness that we will be leaving the Pats Schoolhouse family at the end of the year. I have come to enjoy working with the teachers - they are so open and caring and always put in so much effort for each and every child. The scrapbook they so meticulously put together throughout the year is just one of the many things they do for our children and for us as parents so we don't miss out on the experiences and milestones our little ones go through in school. It is this personal touch and rapport that I truly appreciate and will miss.


I would like to say thank you to Elsie and her teachers at Buckley, for not just preparing Scarlett and Seth academically for primary school, but also instilling in them a good sense of self, confidence for what they can strive for and social skills that will help them for life.

Ryan’s transformation since first joining Pat’s Schoolhouse is testimony to the invaluable gifts teacher dedication and subject expertise a child can receive from early childhood development... Ms Sharon... is a delightful mix of teacher and caregiver, which most mothers, I believe, would treasure... In particular, I am grateful that Ms Sharon has taken pains to encourage Ryan’s exceptional attitude in Mathematics. She has introduced him to Sudoku (which he now enjoys on his home computer) and mindfully differentiates his learning in the classroom environment.

Mrs Wong/Tan Siew Pheng

Parent of Ryan Wong

I am a non-Chinese speaking person but my daughter enjoys Chinese so much that we are letting her take it as her second language. I feel perhaps Ms Jo and Sun Lao Shi complement each other as they are doing a great job with their students. My only wish now is for my little son who is in the same Pat’s Schoolhouse to have Ms Jo as his teacher. I would know for sure that he would be in good hands. (Although daddy is Italian and mummy is Indian, Manita was offered to study Higher Chinese in Primary School)

Alessandro Di Prisco & Krishna Veni

Parents of Manita Di Prisco

My son Kai had a bad experience at his previous kindergarten. Going to school was a nightmare and he was very unhappy. It had negative effects on him both emotionally and academically… After Kai started at Pat’s Schoolhouse, going to school has been a different experience. We can tell he is having lots of fun and most importantly, he has become a positive and joyful boy again. This is really wonderful because we understand the importance of building his confidence and positive attitude from young before he begins his lifelong learning journey… I must commend the teachers who have helped him adjust so well and quickly.

Amanda Wong

Parent of Kai Wong
Jubilee Park

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