Our Alumni

Many of our alumni, now young adults and teenagers who have progressed through primary, secondary schools, junior colleges and universities, continue to cite Pat’s Schoolhouse as their primary source of influence.

We know it is really because they shared that unique spirit at Pat’s Schoolhouse everyday – the keen and joyous celebration of everything we call life.

Alumni Testimonials

"I didn't realise I was learning so much because I had fun everyday! When I began attending public schools for primary education and beyond, I never had problems expressing my ideas verbally or literally.

I did so many more projects in kindergarten and learnt so much more at my age then than when I went to primary/secondary school and junior college. The 'learning through experience' process really developed my mind and encouraged my creativity. "

Ruth Ng Yu Lin, 24
Class of 1991, Whitley
Gold Medal Winner
Women's Fencing
2005 S.E.A Games


"Pat’s Schoolhouse prepared me by establishing my foundation, hence when I went to Primary school, I was not at all lost. Math problems and English exam papers never did make me stumble and I was always one of the top few in class. As I advanced from primary to secondary school, the strong foundation I received at Pat’s Schoolhouse served me well."

Beatrice Chua, 18
Class of 1997, Serangoon

"Not only does Pat's Schoolhouse prepare every child for school, it prepares them for the challenges of real life - and teaches them how to enjoy it. I would never have traded any of my Pat's Schoolhouse experiences for others."

Olivia Ho, 14
Class of 1996, Serangoon

"Pat’s taught me to do things differently and with enthusiasm and that has been and is my default mode now."

Shimona Ngaserin, 21
Class of 1994, Whitley

"The teachers are kind and always make an effort to explain to us when we don't understand something. Can I stay in this same school forever?"

Tan Wei Lynn, 12
Class of 2004


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