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The Pat's Schoolhouse child dares to be different!
Standing on tiptoe and using his left hand
to reach for the star, he is not afraid to venture.
He knows he is armed with the confidence and 'can do' spirit
to always give his best and follow his heart
in pursuit of his hopes and dreams.
He will be well-prepared for a big future.

Celebrating curiosity, creativity, confidence and continuity:

Red signifies vibrancy, passion, a 'can do' spirit,
and courage to imagine and be creative.

Orange brings the sun to mind, depicting life, light,
warmth, sincerity, and an exploration of new things.

Blue brings peace from knowing the children are free to
exercise their curiosity within safe boundaries
amidst love, loyalty, dedication, warmth and belongingness.

Green symbolises growth and continuity as our children
progress and develop from the time they first join us
to the time they leave us, well-equipped to move on.

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