Our Team

At Pat’s Schoolhouse, we especially identify and hire teachers of exceptional quality for our children; teachers whom we know truly care and are sensitive to your needs and the needs of your children, nothing less.  Passionate and committed, they go the extra mile and will always put their best foot forward. Our teachers demonstrate a multitude of gifts and tremendous creativity and each is encouraged to develop her skills and talents to the fullest through various professional and skills development opportunities at accredited early childhood institutions, conferences and in-house workshops in Singapore and overseas.

Recognising the importance of encouraging long-lasting positive impacts on children, Pat’s Schoolhouse was the first in Singapore to hire graduates. Given the strong curriculum framework and an experienced early childhood team comprising graduates, experienced local and overseas qualified professionals and former primary school teachers, our teachers enjoy their work and the children. Those who are truly dedicated to making the difference have also chosen to stay with us for many years. The longest-serving teachers have been with us since 1988, when Pat's Schoolhouse first started.

Each centre is managed by a principal and up to 2 vice principals who oversee daily operations, handle parent-teacher relations and supervise teachers, and supported by a team of Directors who administers staff appraisals and curriculum planning and ensures the high quality standards. 

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