Bilingual Immersion Core Curriculum


As there is a general concern over the lack of Mandarin exposure for the young ones in many Singaporean homes, Pat's Schoolhouse  pioneered pre-school Bilingual Immersion in Singapore to encourage equal emphasis on Mandarin and English at Pat’s Schoolhouse. Both the language teachers are co-partners for the same class; they both not only teach but also interact with the children in their respective languages throughout the day. This tried and tested language immersion programme has benefited thousands of Pat’s Schoolhouse children in Singapore.

Unique to Pat’s Schoolhouse, our bilingual immersion core curriculum is not borrowed or copied from any ready-made programmes. Based on a thematic approach, our children are exposed to varied experiences in a wide range of exciting topics including Art, History, Geography, Literature, Natural Science and Mathematics – in both English and Mandarin. Aimed at stimulating and challenging children intellectually, socially, physically, emotionally and linguistically, the Pat’s Schoolhouse curriculum is highly effective in developing communication and problem-solving skills.


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