FasTrack Music

Introduce your child to the wonders of melody, rhythm and dance with FasTrack MusicTM, Brought to us by ABC Music and MeTM, this award-winning programme combines a carefully planned curriculum with group activities to foster self-esteem and develop social skills. 

The objective is to nurture the rhythmic, musical seeds that are naturally planted in every child, whilst fostering his self-esteem and developing his social skills.

FasTrack Music:

  • Stimulates learning, advances memory and brain development
  • Develops language skills, expressiveness, confidence, coordination, self-control and listening skills
  • Serves as an outlet for every child’s innate creativity
  • Enhances fine-motor skills through instrument exploration
  • Develops a lifelong love for music

For more details, please visit http://www.fastrackids.com/

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