Unique Active Learning Experiences

Pat’s Schoolhouse positively impacts a child’s future through our active learning activities which are crucial to a child’s development, including physical, themes & team bonding, self & social awareness and active learning experiences which include:

Music & Movement
Integrated into our curriculum to reinforce language, musical, artistic, physical and social development, our specifically designed bilingual (Mandarin and English) music appreciation syllabus provides children with ample opportunity to listen, sing, play instruments, experience rhythm through movement and creatively express themselves. When they are introduced to music and dance from around the world, they are also exposed to cultural similarities and differences.
  Creative Art & Craft
Creative art & craft activities enhance emotional development, imagination and fine motor skills, allowing children to experiment with various art media and material of different textures, colours, patterns and natural properties. Whether individually or in a group, children will also be encouraged to express themselves as well as extend visual and sensory capacities.
Cooking Experiences
Very much a part of our holistic curriculum and multi-sensory approach, food is creatively weaved into English, Mandarin, Science, Math and Art & Craft activities. In the course of creating a dish, children learn to read recipes and follow instructions. Whilst stirring or beating, they develop small muscle and eye-hand coordination. Whilst mixing, kneading and adding ingredients, they discover concepts of colour, shape, measurement and chemistry. By savouring different foods, they learn about the sense of taste.
Physical Education & Outdoor Activities
Adequate and age-appropriate physical activity on a daily basis forms an integral part of the programme for children to develop both gross and fine motor skills.
Early Foundational Mathematics
Our children are introduced to and acquire mathematical concepts through literature and fun analogies. Our teachers share exciting stories that explain mathematical concepts before introducing directed hands-on activities (using maths resources and everyday materials) and table work to reinforce understanding. Children are then provided with countless opportunities to apply what they have learnt so that concepts become relevant and meaningful.
Early Science & Discovery
We excite the curiosity of children and ignite in them the desire to further discover and explore the world they live in and the world of nature and science, through concrete experiences, experiments, investigations and deductions, problem solving activities and games.
Pretend Play & Dramatisation
We extend children’s learning, social interaction and ability to imagine by encouraging them to engage in pretend play and dramatisation activities that go beyond playing house. In dramatic play, children assume imaginary roles, re-enacting real-life experiences with the creative use of interesting props, materials and other make-believe items.

Significant Curriculum Features to enhance our children’s early childhood experience:

Outings and/or Field Trips as an integral part of investigative learning and hands-on exploration, to reinforce the learning of the themes introduced in class, such as a trip to the zoo when the children are exploring a theme on animals.

Class/Level/Centre Celebrations & Performances to introduce religious, cultural and national diversity around the world on festive occasions, where children will be encouraged to sing, dance and act so as to develop cultural awareness, self-confidence and leadership skills.

English & Mandarin Holiday Programmes in March, June, September & November-December to further explore themes such as pirate adventures, ballet, authors, the importance of values and the Olympics etc through music and movement, role play and art and craft activities.

A yearly K2 Graduation Ceremony and Musical for our K2 children to celebrate their preschool achievements. They will not only receive their certificates and graduation rings, but also treat their parents to a celebration of camaraderie and love in the staging of two full-fledged Musicals, one in Mandarin and the other in English. It is heartwarming to witness both children and teachers working as a team on a production that not only polishes character, confidence and self-discipline, but also gives the children a sense of pride and accomplishment when the curtain comes down on a praiseworthy effort. Year after year, these not only receive rave reviews but also remind us that children are wonderful in so many different ways.

A School Induction Programme (SIP) for all K2 children to provide them with a simulated primary school experience. Children will engage in fun activities and tricky situations to learn how to solve problems independently as well as work with team members. They will also think through activities and expand their imagination with mind mapping. In addition, they will be equipped with the skills necessary to take charge and be responsible for their personal belongings, such as books, pocket money and work schedule.  



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