At Pat's Schoolhouse, we believe "babies learn best when they are not being taught." Our approach to infant development is one of learning through fun and play. It is far more enriching to provide infants with rich and varied experiences for them to explore their surroundings and learn about the people around them than to use flashcards or train their brains to memorise words and pictures.

For example, younger infants are exposed to different facial expressions through animated reading and colourful textured books to stimulate their five senses, and also to language and communication skills. Older infants on the other hand, start to be involved in activities such as Outdoor Play, Music & Movement, Speech & Drama and Cookery.

Key Features of our infant programme include:

  • Extensive Verbal Stimulation where infants are talked to often, to encourage language and social development
  • Enriching & Stimulating Surroundings to provide just enough sensory stimulation  
  • Tumbling Activities & Daily Baby Massages which are important to physical development
  • Regular Health Checks by medically-trained staff to ensure developmental milestones and general wellness are achieved
  • A Comfortable and Secure Environment for quality play and sleep  
  • Pleasing Décor with adequate childproofing to ensure safe explorations 
  • Appropriate Selection of Books for reading to provide a strong language foundation
  • Music & Movement including catchy action songs specially selected to captivate infants
  • In-house Specialists to provide parents with advice on their infant's physical, emotional and mental development

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