Play and learning becomes sophisticated and increasingly symbolic as our Kindergarten 2 children start their journey from 5 to 6 years of age. The K2 children work well together on projects and tasks assigned. They will also spend more time working on solutions, reading, and performing as a team.

They are now confident in conversing in both Mandarin and English and able to read and write in both languages. Kindergarten 2 children love learning and are excited to express what they learn as they work with different resources and materials.

At this level, they will experience weekly spelling challenges in class to boost their confidence as they embark on more detailed and imaginative story writing. They will also learn to draft and edit their own writings and have ample opportunity to explore different literary genres including legends and poetry, and the world of print in the form of historical documents, letters, book reviews, newspaper articles etc.

For Mandarin language development, K2 classes will include class spelling tests (听写) and Hanyu Pinyin. Mandarin language lessons continue to be more structured and our children will be exposed to increased opportunities for creative expression through written projects, class discussions and performing arts lessons. 

Low Teacher-Child Ratio: 1:10 (ECDA Recommended 1:25)



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