Language and social skills practiced through make-believe games come into play as Nursery children interact more and more with their peers. Early table games such as puzzles, board games. introduce the concept of taking turns and sharing, whilst letters, words and number-recognition toys and games reinforce math and language learning. Art materials (clay, crayons, markers, paints, collage materials) are a creative favourite of most children in this age group, just are skipping ropes, large tricycles and bicycles with training wheels.

For Letterland, two more facets will be added to the pictograms which form the heart of the Letterland system - handwriting and listening skills. Correct letter formations will be introduced in memorable ways through songs and rhymes and children will be equipped with a repertoire of words beginning with the different letter sounds.  Our teachers will then encourage them to express themselves through drawings and art and craft activities, as a precursor to writing. 

At this level, the focus for Mandarin is on developing the children's vocabulary and verbal abilities through stories, music and dance. Written exercises will also be introduced, usually in the second half of the year.

Low Teacher-Child Ratio: 1:8 (ECDA Recommended 1:15)



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