Playgroup children spend a large part of their day interacting with their teachers and friends in a creative and enriching environment filled with music, art, stories, rhymes, games, water and sand play, fun project work, as well as reading and writing.

They explore the beginnings of math through a variety of hands-on math activities and are introduced to phonics and language arts through Letterland. Playgroup children thus become familiar with Letterland characters, created to represent the letters of the alphabet as pictograms and the sounds they make are intuitively accessible to three- and four-year olds, such as Clever Cat, Walter Walrus and Yellow Yo-Yo Man. These alliterative names also enhance phonemic awareness at an early age. Apart from Letterland, numerous stories, rhymes, songs, and dramatic play based on themes will enhance your child’s learning. 

When your child joins us in Playgroup, he may have difficulty following instructions and performing activities that are conducted in Mandarin. However, this is only temporary as all children will soon understand repeated phrases and instructions that are used within context and become confident Mandarin speakers as exposure increases. Throughout Playgroup, the focus is on enhancing listening and comprehension skills through conversation, music, rhymes, movement and games.

Low Teacher-Child Ratio: 1:7 (MCYS Recommended 1:12)

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